Standing Seam Roof – G7 Clamp

  • No fussing with small Allen Keys or wrenches will save on installation time.
  • Proven performance installs in less than a minute.
  • Heavy duty billet aluminum construction.
  • 1000 lbs holding force, QPS certified.
  • Pre-assembled with stainless hardware.
  • No roof penetration, does not damage the cladding finish.

Fits Virtually any Standing Seam Profile, T or Bulb Seam

G7 Standing Seam Clamp
G7 Clamp

Galaxy Energy’s Universal Standing Seam Clamp ( G7) has a 1000 lbs holding force.

The G7 Clamp should only be used if the installed equipment absolutely has to stay on the Roof.

Standing Seam Roof Banff, Alberta Installation
Standing Seam Roof Installation

Low Pitched Roof

For use on a low pitched roof with the addition of stainless steel Z brackets the modules can be mounted to the desired angle.

Fastens to any Standing Seam Profile and or floating Steel Roof.

G7 Cross Rail Design

For ease of installation and when increased airflow is required to avoid excessive loss of power production caused by high operating temperatures.

G7 Cross Rail Design

Pull Load Test
Click here to view the Load Test report (PDF)
performed by QPS Evaluation Services.


“We have installed several megawatts of rooftop solar system on standing seam using Galaxy Americas G7 racking system. We’ve used many different kinds of racking systems over the past 20 years, and Galaxy definitely has the most robust and easy-to-install product on the market. A very reputable company and product!”

Rylon, (519) 229-6108 Ext 106

Toews Power Inc.

“We are pleased to recommend the G7 standing seam clamp you supplied for 15+ of our solar installations. Our installation teams highly recommend the G7 clamp and prefer to use it on all of our installations. The clamp proved very easy and quick to install, saving countless hours of labour. Further, the clamp has securely held all of the various types of solar modules that have been installed on all of the roofs. Many of our installations are older than 5 years and there has never been an issue or problem with the G7 clamp.”

Bill King, (519) 887-8585

KW Power Logic

“We have used the Galaxy G7 standing seam clamp on many different solar rooftop project sites over the years.
It is a robust, lightweight and flexible clamping system. Not only is it a superior product, we also received invaluable on-site project advice, support and training.”

Marjan Stosic P.Eng. M.SC., (905) 627-4735 Ext 101

President, QPA Solar Inc.

“We have been using Galaxy racking for our solar installations for 10+ years now and have found it is very simple and fast to install. The racking has proven to be very durable holding up beyond expectations in our harsh Canadian weather. We use the G7 clamp on standing seams roofs and it is an amazing product. The quality and durability has been outstanding. We have installed several megawatts of solar using the G7 clamps and to date there has been zero maintenance or issues with the product. Our installers prefer the G7 clamp because of the ease and speed of installation I would highly recommend this product to other installers.”

Dan Beard, (705) 741-2300

Global Point Energy