Galaxy In-Roof System

Galaxy Energy In-Roof-System

The Galaxy Energy In-Roof-system comes as a complete BIPV system which is a fully watertight roof at the same time, thus cutting down on material and work cost.

PV Modules replace the conventional construction with Plywood and Shingles, Roofing Tiles or Tin sheeting. Galaxy’s new leak proof solar roof design features an aluminum rafter system combined with the Galaxy Solar Modules. An innovative rafter design allows the modules to be mounted directly to the rafters. Weather proof seals and drainage channels in the rafter extrusions assure a leak proof construction.

The Galaxy Energy In-Roof system can be effectively used to replace old roofs and has a winter advantage!  The completely enclosed total module roof service without protruding hardware gives the roof a slide off factor to reduce snow accumulation which results in a higher power output during the winter months.