Anchors & Stand-Offs

Adjustable Anchor

  • Adjustable Anchor for corrugated roofs with a U Bracket.
  • Vertical, Lateral and Diagonal adjustment.
  • Clearance 6 1/2” – 8 1/2”
Adjustable Anchor

Saddle Anchor

  • Landscape or Portrait Installations
  • The stainless steel Anchor is manufactured to fit any corrugated profile.
  • A factory installed seal is added to each foot support.
Saddle Anchor


  • 3″ and 6 1/2″ Stand-offs provide a 4 3/4 to 7 3/4″ clearance between the modules and the roof.
Stand Offs clearance between Modules and Roof

Non-Adjustable Solid Anchor

  • No lifting of shingles required, therefore no breakage of shingles.
  • After the roof anchors are installed you need only one tool for the entire installation.
Solid Anchor No lifting of shingles