Standing Seam Roof – G7 Clamp

G7 Clamp Galaxy Energy’s Universal Standing Seam Clamp ( G7) has a 1000 lbs holding force.

The G7 Clamp should only be used if the installed equipment absolutely has to stay on the Roof.
  Standing Seam Roof Banff, Alberta Installation


Standing Seam Roof For use on a low pitched roof with the addition of stainless steel Z brackets the modules can be mounted to the desired angle.  Fastens to any Standing Seam Profile and or floating Steel Roof.
G7 Cross Rail design for ease of installation and when increased airflow is required to avoid excessive loss of power production caused by high operating temperatures. G7 single Rail Layer design for ease of installation

Pull Load Test
Click here to view the Load Test report (PDF) performed by QPS Evaluation Services.